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First online platform to provide PDF and Video solution both.

The best of the best teachers are collaborating together to produce the best solutions for you. You can either buy pdf solutions or video solutions.

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Our main strategy is to give students the best solution they deserve. They don't need worry about it anymore.
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Our Mission & Vision


Our mission started from coping up with this ongoing pandemic crisis, where we as teachers felt that the current way of online education is not providing much output as it is challenged by many hurdles.

We tend to solve this issue by providing flexibility to our students via online and downloadable lectures and past paper solutions in both PDF and Video format. We also provide mock tests and quiz tests.

We in BIZUZ, are a one-stop solution for all your International Curriculum exam preparations and study materials, so we deliver your education to your doorstep without much hassle.

We organize and manage all your study materials and resources for you so that you do not need to worry about and spend time on managing and organizing them.

Through Bizuz we aim to globalize education by providing the same study materials to all our students across the globe.

Most importantly, you do not need to worry about managing your time when class/other activities timings collide, as here we believe and provide Freedom of Education – Study wherever, whatever, and whenever you want.

Our Awesome Team

AKM Al Helal
AKM Al HelalFounder & CEO
Md. Anik Khan
Md. Anik KhanJunior Web

Our Honorable Instructor

Those who don’t build must burn

I am back, after a few days of vacationing with family. Weather was awesome, the beach was full of nasty jelly-fish, yuk! All-in-all, life has been good

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