CAIE / IAS A Level Accounting Past Paper 9706 Paper 1 MCQ Video Solution | May-June 2019 V-12

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Enroll in the  CAIE / IAS A Level Accounting Past Paper 9706 Paper 1 Course, the course contains MCQ Past Paper Video Solution of May-June 2019 (V-12). My course is the right way to solve all problems in multiple-choice questions of A Level Accounting Past Paper 9706 Paper 1 (V-12) May-June 2019.

At more than 1 hour, this IAS A Level Accounting Past Paper course will take you from beginner to mastery even if you have less experience in multiple-choice question solutions. This CAIE / IAS A Level Accounting Past Paper 9706 Paper 1 Course is without any doubt the most comprehensive course available online only.


You will get the Solutions to the following:

  • Identification of Concept
  • Reason of Depreciation
  • Calculation of purchase price of NCA
  • Calculation of depreciation
  • Purpose of Bank Reconciliation
  • Identification of error for the difference in SL and SLCA
  • Calculation of entry in the income statement
  • Identification of statement for valuing inventory
  • Calculation of Corrected Profit for the year
  • Identification of item in I.S
  • Calculation of payment by the new partner to old partner
  • Identification of Journal of Goodwill
  • Identification of item does not appear in SOCE
  • Calculation of number of ordinary shares
  • Identification of Action to increase Current Ratio
  • Identification of the use of mark up
  • Calculation of operating expenses to revenue ratio
  • Calculation of the value of inventory (FIFO Method)
  • Calculation of Overhead Absorption Rate
  • Identification of correct Statement
  • Identification of break-even chart
  • Calculation of profit
  • Calculation of contribution to sales ratio
  • Calculation of profit
  • Reason for preparing a budget


Here’s why:

  • There is only one question from 2019  including May – June season.
  • The course is designed to properly analyze questions with animated explanation videos according to required working and formulas.
  • The course is designed by naming all questions with topics separately.
  • Every question is recorded individually means Thirty videos are made for thirty questions.
  • You’ll be learning solutions from the latest published past papers.


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The Materials which have been included in this course are the Assets of BIZUZ only. So this course is * For online viewing only, No Download or Print allowed *.

If anyone use this course means download or print without permission and use illegally, then Bizuz has the right to take legal action against them.

ast papers.  

What Will I Learn?

  • 1. Accounting concept
  • 2. Depreciation
  • 3. Bank reconciliation statement
  • 4. Control Account
  • 5. Irrecoverable debts and provision for doubtful debts
  • 6. Inventory Valuation
  • 7. Correction of Errors
  • 8. Sole Trader
  • 9. Partnership
  • 10. Limited companies
  • 11. Accounting Ratio
  • 12. Inventory Valuation
  • 13. Absorption costing
  • 14. Marginal Costing
  • 15. Costing for materials and labor (Identification of stepped fixed cost)
  • 16. Absorption costing
  • 17. Marginal costing
  • 18. Costing for materials and labor (Calculation of profit)
  • 19. Budgetary Control System

Topics for this course

30 Lessons1h 07m

May-June 2019

2. Q2. Depreciation00:01:20
3. Q3. Depreciation00:02:46
4. Q4. Depreciation00:03:17
5. Q5. Bank reconciliation statement00:00:00
6. Q6. Control Account00:05:56
7. Q7. Irrecoverable debts and provision for doubtful debts00:02:16
8. Q8. Costing for materials and labour (Inventory Valuation)00:01:05
9. Q9. Correction of Errors00:01:44
10. Q10. Financial Statement00:01:47
11. Q11. Partnership00:03:13
12. Q12. Partnership00:02:06
13. Q13. Partnership00:03:50
14. Q14. Limited companies00:01:44
15. Q15. Limited companies00:02:06
17. Q17. Accounting Ratio00:02:49
18. Q18. Accounting Ratio00:01:26
19. Q19. Accounting Ratio00:01:09
20. Q20. Accounting Ratio00:02:32
21. Q21. Inventory Valuation00:02:27
22. Q22. Absorption costing00:01:10
23. Q23. Costing for materials and labour00:01:40
24. Q24. Costing for materials and labour00:02:15
25. Q25. Absorption costing00:03:00
26. Q26. Marginal costing00:01:05
27. Q27. Marginal costing00:02:02
28. Q28 . Accounting Ratio00:01:20
29. Q29. Costing for materials and labour00:02:25
30. Q30. Business planning00:01:51

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