Accounting IAS – Depreciation (Video Lecture and Past Paper Video Solution)

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Welcome to the DEPRECIATION Course, the only course you need to learn for solving past papers and become confident to sit for your examination. My course is your FIRST HAND to solve all problems in depreciation.

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  • There are beautiful over 6+ hours of animated explanation videos by topic which is built for you.
  • The course is designed to properly analyze questions with required working and formulas.
  • This course will take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you every working with a formula that you need to solve the question in exam pressure.
  • You’ll be learning solutions of the latest published past papers.
  • The course is constantly updated with new questions and with new changed Topics which are demanded by students – that’s you!
  • You will get the interactive solution class of 2 hours every week
  • The course includes over 60 hours of video solutions and builds your knowledge and techniques to solve unknown questions.

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What Will I Learn?

  • 1. The causes of the depreciation of NCA
  • 2. The reasons for charging depreciation on NCA.
  • 3. Depreciation of NCA using Reducing balance, Straight line, and Revaluation methods.
  • 4. Ledger a/c for NCA and provisions of Dep's
  • 5. The effect on profit of different methods.
  • 6. The effect on profit of a change in the method.
  • 7. Disposal and disposal accounts for NCA.
  • 8. Schedule of non-current assets.

Topics for this course

39 Lessons

January 2014 Q3 – Vaso Technology

2. (b)(i) – Office Computers Account00:5:08
3. (b)(ii) – Office Computers – Provision for Depreciation Account00:06:14

January 2015 Q3 – Miguel

January 2017 Q1 – Elodie and Harsha

January 2018 Q5 – Fast Response

May 2016 (New) Q4 – Jabir

May 2016 (Old) Q4 – Baba

May 2012 Q7 – Zoe

January 2013 Q2 – Arpan

May 2014 Q7 – Varsini Transport

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